Keeping App Engine Search Documents and Datastore Entities In Sync

At Vendasta the App Engine Datastore serves as the single point of truth for most operational data and the majority of interactions are against this single point of truth. However, a piece of required functionality in many of our products is to provide a searchable view of the data in the App Engine Datastore. Search is difficult using the Datastore and so we have moved to using the Search API as a managed solution for searching datastore entities. [Read More]

Restoring an App Engine backup into a Big Query table

An unfortunate DevOps task for any team running App Engine is restoring data from backups. One way to do this is by accessing the Google Cloud Storage URL for a given App Engine backup and importing that backup into BigQuery. This article will show you to get the Cloud Storage URL for an App Engine backup and manually perform that import.

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Bypassing ndb hooks with the RawDatastoreInputReader

When doing a MapReduce operation there are times when you want to edit a set of entities without triggering the post or pre put hooks associated with those entities. On such ocassions using the raw datastore entity allows you to process the data without unwanted side effects. This article will show how to use the RawDatastoreInputReader to process datastore entities.

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