Docker Step By Step: Containerizing Zookeeper

Follow along with this article as we take a guided tour of containerizing Zookeeper using Docker. This guide will show how to install Zookeeper to the container, how to configure the Zookeeper application, and how to share data volumes between the host and container.

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Kafka Quick Start Guide

If you’ve read the previous article describing Kafka in a Nutshell you may be itching to write an application using Kafka as a data backend. This article will get you part of the way there by describing how to deploy Kafka locally using Docker and test it using kafkacat. Running Kafka Locally First, if you haven’t already, download and install Docker. Once you have Docker installed, create a default virtual machine that will host your local Docker containers. [Read More]

Beginning Docker

I’m writing this article as a means of tracking commonly used docker commands in a place where I won’t forget them. If you find it useful or have additional suggestions let me know in the comments.

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