Querying App Engine Logs with Elasticsearch

From a DevOps perspective having a historical record of application logs can aid immensely in tracking down bugs, responding to customer questions, or finding out when and why that critical piece of data was updated to the wrong value. One of the biggest grievances with the built-in log handling of Google App Engine is that historical logs are only available for the previous three days. We wanted to do a little bit better and have logs available for a 30 day time period. [Read More]

App Engine MapReduce API - Part 7: Writing a Custom Output Writer

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The MapReduce library supports a number of default output writers. You can also write your own that implements the output writer interface. This article examines how to write a custom output writer that pushes data from the App Engine datastore to an elasticsearch cluster. A similar pattern can be followed to push the output from your MapReduce job to any number of places.

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