From JSON to a Google API Client Library object

I have been working on a Cloud Dataflow project that parses incoming App Engine logs to generate status statistics such as numer of errors in the last 10 minutes. The incoming data is a JSON representation of a LogEntry object. A LogEntry object is represented in Java as a LogEntry class. The task I found myself in was converting the JSON representation of a LogEntry into the Java object for downstream processing. [Read More]

Creating a BigQuery Table using the Java Client Library

I haven’t been able to find great documentation on creating a BigQuery TableSchema using the Java Client Library. This blog post hopes to rectify that :). You can use the BigQuery sample code for an idea of how to create a client connection to BigQuery. Assuming you have the connection set up you can start by creating a new TableSchema. The TableSchema provides a method for setting the list of fields that make up the columns of your BigQuery Table. [Read More]