Counting N-Grams with Cloud Dataflow

Counting n-grams is a common pre-processing step for computing sentence and word probabilities over a corpus. Thankfully, this task is embarrassingly parallel and is a natural fit for distributed processing frameworks like Cloud Dataflow. This article provides an implementation of n-gram counting using Cloud Dataflow that is able to efficiently compute n-grams in parallel over massive datasets. The Algorithm Cloud Dataflow uses a programming abstraction called PCollections which are collections of data that can be operated on in parallel (Parallel Collections). [Read More]

N-gram Modeling With Markov Chains

A common method of reducing the complexity of n-gram modeling is using the Markov Property. The Markov Property states that the probability of future states depends only on the present state, not on the sequence of events that preceded it. This concept can be elegantly implemented using a Markov Chain storing the probabilities of transitioning to a next state.

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