Paper Review: Combining Systems and Databases: A Search Engine Retrospective

Title and Author of Paper Combining Systems and Databases: A Search Engine Retrospective. Eric A. Brewer. Summary Search engines manage data and respond to queries, which provides some similarities to databases. However, search engines are really an application-specific system built to handle large datasets. This system can leverage databases, or not, depending on the system goals. This paper describes a search engine design that leverages the ideas and vocabulary of the database community. [Read More]

Suggested Searches with Google App Engine

At VendAsta we have a few APIs that are backed by search documents built using the App Engine Search API. These APIs are queried using a search string entered in a text box. One way to improve the user experience of this text box is to offer the user suggestions of popular searches to use as their query. This article describes how to achieve this.

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