Comparing Swagger with Thrift or gRPC

I’ve been asked recently, what’s the difference between Swagger and Thrift (or gRPC)? Although they look similar, they solve fundamentally different problems. Let’s look at the differences. Swagger At the most basic level, Swagger is a REST API specification language. The great part is that there is an entire ecosystem of tools built around this specification language to support API design, client and server code generation, and interactive documentation. Key Features REST + JSON API framework. [Read More]

A Guided Tour Through Thrift

After reading the Thrift whitepaper and sending your first message, you may still have some questions about how Thrift actually works. This article helps answer those questions by providing a guided tour through the Apache Thrift architecture, highlighting the protocols, transports, and compiler, and how they interact with each other. Thrift from 10,000 feet At a high-level, Thrift is organized into several layers as in Figure 1. The layers highlighted in yellow represent application code that is written by a user. [Read More]

So you want to send a message using Apache Thrift?

So you want to use Thrift? You’ve come here because you want to use Apache Thrift and you don’t know where to start. Good. You’re in the right spot. Throughout this document we will develop a simple service that communicates using Thrift. This will introduce you to the workflow for generating client and server code using Thrift and how to Thrift works to separate your application’s business logic from it’s transport methods. [Read More]