Italics in Vim

I write Markdown using Vim and the vim-pencil plugin and one of the things that particularly bothered me was that, by default, iTerm2 and the solarized colour scheme did not support italic text. I finally sat down this evening and got this working. Really, I just found and watched Greg Hurrel’s YouTube video explaining the whole thing. To enable italics requires updating the terminfo database. Terminfo enables programs to use the terminal in a device-independent manner. [Read More]

A Maven runner for vim-test

If you haven’t tried vim-test yet, please do. It provides a consistent interface for running unit tests from within vim for a variety of languages and test runners. It also has support for different methods of dispatching your tests from vim to a terminal to retrieve the results. vim-test works out of the box for a number of languages and is easily extensible to support additional languages. In fact, I recently contributed a Maven test runner for the Java language. [Read More]

Copying from Vim to the OS X Mountain Lion clipboard

The latest version of OS X (Mountain Lion) broke compatibility with the vim and the OS clipboard. In most cases you can configure vim to use the operating system clipboard by setting clipboard=unnamed in your .vimrc. Unfortunately this setting does not work in OS X because the default version of vim was not compiled with clipboard support. You can check if your version of vim is compiled with clipboard support by typing vim –version  and looking for clipboard. A prepended + means support is enabled. A prepended means support is disabled.

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